My eyes have been opened! It’s hard to be an Indie Author but I’m learning. My number one goal all along has been to deliver my story in a way that’s entertaining to the point you wouldn’t put it down and you couldn’t wait for the next book to be released. This will always be my number one goal. I want every book to surpass the one before it. While this may feed your need in the moment, I have failed you with my not so engaging blogs. Well, never again! Not only am I thinking about sporting a whole new look, but here are just some of the other ideas soon to come!

1. Excerpts from the next book as it’s being written!

2. Personal moments I’m happy to share with you.

3. Pictures that seem to come straight from my books.

4. I will answer one or more questions you ask, however, I will never divulge anything that could ruin cliffhangers I have set in place.

5. There will be occasional, interactive chat events where you could win the next released book!

This and so much more is planned but it will take time. Now that I know what blogging is really all about, I am starting to set aside the time, in between the story writing. So stay tuned! And please, feel free to post what you would love to see here. Thank you for being patient. Good things do come to those who wait.

LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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