MY JOURNAL: Triple Scoop

Once upon a time there were two brothers. They left with their father to the local Thrifty Drug Store for ice cream. The younger brother handed the server his quarter and got a single scoop. It was a magical, happy moment until he saw his older brother turn around with a double scoop ice cream cone!

“That’s not fair! He have more than me!”

The father smiled and placed a firm but gentle hand on his younger son’s shoulder. “Yes, he does but it is fair son because your brother came to me, asking for extra chores around the house. He worked twice as hard, twice as long, so he earned twice as much. That’s why he has two scoops and you don’t. He earned it.”

The younger son was still upset. He didn’t like having less than his brother but nothing could change the situation. He wasn’t happy with what he had anymore, he just wanted what his brother had. The next day, after he had time to calm down, the younger brother realized what his father was trying to teach him. He made up his mind he was going to work all over the house and buy a triple scoop ice cream cone! If his brother could work hard, then so could he… and so he did.

Though I started this story with the words, “Once upon a time…”, this story is far from being a fairy tale, it’s a true story. My husband was that younger brother. He learned a slightly painful lesson that started with a single scoop of ice cream. That younger brother grew up to become my hero and he sacrifices for his family and our great nation he serves daily to protect.

I am thankful every day for all my husband does for us, and I am thankful he was blessed with a father who believed in being a parent. It takes a quiet strength to teach the hard but valuable lessons early on to your kids.

There will always be someone who has more than you. There will always be someone who has less. You should be proud of all you earn. It’s up to you to mold your future by the choices you make. Should life get in the way, and it always will, it can do nothing but slow you down unless you choose to quit. My husband worked hard, got his triple scoop, but didn’t stop there. He continues to work hard and he will never stop until all his dreams are fully realized… one scoop at a time.


Author: LM Fields

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