WORD WISE: Steampunk

Just this morning I was asked, what is Steampunk? Excellent question! I’ll add another. Is there really a true, coherent, and consistent definition for it? Let’s see. I’m not a big advocator of Wikipedia, but it did have an excellent Steampunk defining page. Steampunk is a Hybrid sub-genre focusing on steam powered technology set in a certain era such as the Victorian age. This era can be placed in any new time or new place. This oversimplification does not do the word or category justice, but it’ll have to do for now.

I’m not sure when I was first exposed to it. It could have been my first H. G. Wells book, the many television episodes of Wild Wild West, or maybe it happened when I played my first game of Myst? No matter when the exposure occurred, I think it was in my blood before I was born. I’m not even sure its name became a common buzz word until the 20th century. I could be wrong. The label didn’t reach my virgin ears until four years ago. The Zeppelin Airships, Top Hats, and Robotic Spiders had already started dancing in my head long before that.

I get excited, inventing and creating new technology, joining the beauty of nature with machine; in the most cohesive, non-obtrusive way. Is that really possible? Of course it is! That’s the wonderful thing about being a fiction writer, you create the world you want. And I don’t have to tell you, todays science fiction is tomorrows science fact! This genre allows for out-of-the-box thinking. It gives the writer an unlimited supply of creative energy so I will slip Steampunk in wherever I can. So it goes, from my first published, science fiction horror series, The Dark Seeds, to all the storytelling I have left to do, you will always taste a little Steampunk in all I write. May all my stories feed your need!


Author: LM Fields

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