Please everyone, calm down. If we are going to end this terror, then we must be organized, we must understand what we are dealing with. He is so much more than your legends have painted. They call him Ringbinder, the necromancer in the mountain. He’s been trying to perfect the One Ring to rule us all; it has been his life, his obsession. I believe he’s succeeded, we would not be here otherwise. Your elders knew him when he was a happy child of the woods, a time before your miners strung up his mother and father for witchcraft. He is more creature now than human, intent on seeking revenge for the crimes of our ancestors. He crawls about on all fours with barely a piece of cloth to cover his coal stained body. Only his front teeth are left; he ripped the others out with his bare hands and extracted the silver fillings inside. We were fools to think he’d never come down from his cave. We turned a blind eye and now our children are missing. There was once a time when your blades would have worked, but it’s too late now; you can not pierce that which has no soul. He needs a willing sacrifice, warm blood to feed his appetite, and you were quick to take the bait. He would never harm your little ones, they are a reminder of the joy he once knew, but every moment we sit and argue is another day his thirst grows. If you want to see your children alive again, then drop your swords and take up the torch. I will guide you up the mountain. We must fight fire with fire. Who among you will join me this night to destroy this evil forever? Who is with me?


Author: LM Fields

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