Last night, while taking a shower, two pivotal moments came to me for my story. Fearing I’d lose it all, I called it out to my husband, asking him to write it down. Today I have to rewrite it, transforming notes into the story that’s meant to be told. Thank God for husband’s who care enough to take dictation from a screaming wet wife! I love my man. The last thing I told him, after I thanked him, “Oh wow, these ideas– I need to take more showers! That didn’t sound right, did it?”

Well, I have no excuses. Simply put, my writing for the Dark Seeds series better come out clean and smelling oh so sweet after this. This is but one example of a ‘write moment’, when everything in the world stops long enough for the writer to see a small bit of his, or her, story with perfect clarity. Only problem is that these moments never happen at the perfect time in reality. Creativity for writers is more than just finding ideas, it’s about finding ways to keep those ideas when they are found, or quickly capturing them when they mysteriously find us.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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