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Most readers today don’t realize just how important a review, rating, or even a download can be to an Indie Author like myself. It literally can be the difference between the next Best Selling Author or an author disappearing, behind a mountain of his, or her, rejected stories forever.

There are a handful of people determining who will have stories published and who won’t, but with self-publishing here, in a very big way I might add, doors are opening up that were once closed. You, the reader, now have options! The catch 22 is that you’ll never see what you want unless you ask. You do that by rewarding the authors you love!

It begins with something as simple as a download. “LIKE” Author marketing pages. Leave Amazon Book “REVIEWS”. Give “STAR RATINGS” for the Books. Leave one review for each book you read, and do this for each marketing company that sells the books. All these quick things you can do will push the Author ahead of his/her competition, up the mountain, and out of the slush pile of non-writers who also self-publish.

Trust me, I’m not bashing. There are people who think they can write but they really can’t. Everyone can do at  least one thing well, but sometimes they haven’t figured out what that one thing really is. You can find these people just about anywhere. It’s not being cruel, it’s called being truthful. What do you say when you think the writing wasn’t so great? Maybe you thought it was only just ‘ok’, or maybe you don’t think you want to read this author again? Even if it seems most people agree with you, remember it’s still only your opinion, so out of moral respect, if you can’t say anything nice, it’s best to not to say anything at all. My feeling is God bless each one of these souls for putting themselves out there. I say they should go for it. That’s what hope and dreams are supposed to be about. We all must try and we all will fall. Our work will speak for itself and if we want something badly enough then we’ll learn and someday leave a beautiful mark. That’s where you, the readers, come in.

You have a unique opportunity to make dreams come true like never before. You can determine so much by doing so little. Yes, it’s the little things that mean so much. So please, no matter who are, where you come from, or what you may think of my writing, show your support for authors everywhere, famous or just getting started. They are giving you their heart and soul because writing is what they love to do. Won’t you help them make their dream become a permanent reality? Give them a little of yourself and see the magic you can do. Thank you so much.

LM Fields: Author & Artist


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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