It’s no longer up to agents or publishers. It’s up to you to determine which self-published writers will see their dreams come true. Take 30 seconds of your time and write a review, click on those Amazon stars, because you can change an author’s life forever. Digital books are here to stay. It’s a world that won’t be ignored. Even traditional publishers can’t deny it’s qualities; it’s creating money in a quickly booming field. Those who try to ignore it will go broke. Some of the greatest writers of our time, who have been traditionally published authors all along, are self-publishing. Well, why not? Cutting out all the middle men to keep most of the royalties is just smart.

Most of the public doesn’t realize famous authors have their names to keep them afloat on top of the heap. Unknown writers must dog paddle their way, if they ever make it. Self-publishing isn’t exactly easy; a lot to learn, to do, time consuming, but it can be done without having to pay another person if you take the time to learn. There are problems though: not everyone is a writer, most everyone can’t afford an editor, can’t afford a cover artist, can’t afford advertising, and if a writer wants to eat, most everyone can’t afford the time to market what they just published.

The next Stephen King, Tolkien, or Hemingway could be drowning in a ocean of self-published books just waiting for readers to save them just by leaving a review. That’s why I’ve written this today. You have the power to determine the fate of authors for books you read. The more downloads a book/author has, the more likes the book is left, the more positive reviews there are, and the higher the stars there are to repeat this circle, the higher this author’s name and his or her books will rise to the surface. The higher they are, the lower their number will be, until they reach the top 100 books and that’s when Amazon, other publishers, agents, and sometimes even movie producers, start to take notice. Once this is started, this cycle continues and catches on until the author’s dream of having the next best seller or Hollywood film becomes a reality; all starting from your single planted seed called a review. So next time you think the small things in life really don’t matter, think again. They have the power to make the dreams of another come true.

For every book you ever read, and those you started but didn’t finish, did you feel it was worthy of 4 or more stars? Leave a review on Amazon. Change a person’s life today. Thank you.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

4 thoughts on “IN AN OCEAN OF AUTHORS”

  1. The problem in publishing a novel with a retailer as big as Amazon is getting noticed amongst the sheer volume of books to compete with. Sure, reviews can make or break a début author, and good ones can cause that snowball effect. I think the least welcome response has mostly three stars; i’ve seen Booker winner/nominees with 1 and 5 stars, perhaps depending on whether someone likes or objects to the depiction of a certain character, in other words the book has provoked a strong reaction – and it’s great if people argue over it. Three stars suggests a mild indifference, so the smiley graph curve is preferable to the sad one.

    I’ve become reluctant to leave reviews on books that others have liked, that professional critics praised but which I felt disappointed with. Perhaps as a writer you become fixated with how a certain genre should be, and yet someone’s deviating from that and doing really well! I’ve seen this hypercritically with other aspiring authors; it’s difficult to have a detached view.

  2. I love that you have left your comment here Adrian. Thank you for doing so. Perhaps my message was lost in my post? I’m not sure, but my point was simply this; if you like a book you’ve read, regardless of what others have said about the story, leave your review. You can do so much good. If you enjoyed what the author has written say so! If there are parts you love more than others, characters you admire and some you can’t stand, say so! I can’t imagine any writer that wouldn’t hunger for such feedback. For those readers who cared enough to leave feedback for my books, thank you. They’ve been blessings, every one.

    LM Fields

    1. Yeah, I agree, feedback on a book is always important … at least if it’s well-constructed. I had people on free sites who have recommended my book but left no comments, perhaps because they see no value in something i wasn’t trying to sell.

      I was just making a broader point that authors who are still trying to break through can lose a sense of critical objectivity towards others.

      1. I must say you have left me bewildered Adrian. You have written you agree with my points but then you argue about these “breakthrough authors” who can’t seem to see past the nose on their face to have a voice that is truly their own. Figuratively speaking, of course. At any rate, since you AGREE with my BLOG I will concentrate on that and say how wonderful that is. We can put this to rest and say to everyone, “Please, if you have read a story that you love. Let the author and the world know about it! Through his or her works they will become known.”

        “Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark.” LM Fields

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