Inspirational Flash Fiction

Put a red dot in the middle of a white canvas, give yourself an artsy-fastsy name, get yourself a politically rich sponsor and POOF! You ARE the most talented, artistic, genius of your time and the amazing painting you slaved over must be worth millions of dollars.

Now, take out your dip pen and recreate a black and white photo on canvas until it looks like a photocopy, sign it with your birth name because you are proud of your heritage, gather what pennies you can and thank your friends for all their support, and POOF! Oh wait, not yet, not this time.

You won’t make it into the local art gallery this time because there is a white canvas with a red dot hanging there. The starting bid? A couple million. You look down at your piece. How long did it take you? A couple months wasn’t it? There’s so much detail. Look at the lines, the shadows, the exquisite eye for light and shadow; you have such passion and it clearly shows. I can understand why you would smile and why you’re also disappointed, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let it ever stop you.

You must become the dream. It’s hard work but it’s truth that makes its way to the top of the mountain. Someday, maybe not today or tomorrow, but there will come a time, your time, when the light will shine only for you. It will come though you may not know when. So stay focused on your dream and never give up on it.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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