WARNING: To all the parents out there with kids who want to be, or are already Dark Seeds fans, I ask that you please read my soon to be released third book: 13 Degrees Below Zero (March 13, 2013) and decide if it’s age appropriate for your son or daughter before letting them read it. As my story progresses in the series, so does the darkness within them. Maybe it’s the first book, Crows Hill, maybe even the second, Project Hourglass, that meet your Young Adult standards, but this book went up several notches in the violence, explicit language, and sexual arenas. Please read my book then rate it. Leave your Amazon reviews for other parents so they know what to expect. To all the parents out there who still believe in parenting, you are wonderful. Thank you so much!


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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  1. I like the way you presented your “warning” to parents about the “heat level” of your books! I may follow your example in my own Immortal Relations Blogspot in addition to the Adult Content Warning in my first and second in my Immortal Relations series. As for “The New World Order,” with what they are trying to do in Washington, I see it happening a lot sooner than in your story (unless Americans wake up…no sign of that happening yet)!

  2. Thank you for your comments! I do appreciate them so much. It shows you care. How wonderful to know there are those out there who still do care about our younger generation.

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