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It’s an Amazon amazing feeling; first to see one book published, then two, now three out of five in my Dark Seeds series available for anyone to read. So started my road to becoming an Indie Author. Then the ratings started to show and I was getting fans. All my books average 5 stars across the board! I’ve read everything from readers falling in love with certain characters and hating others, as they should, and some readers getting in trouble with their spouse because they never made it to bed! (Hence came the Flashlight recommended reading one-liner.) The rankings are a constant tug on the shirt, whisper from my shoulder, “Hey, where are the Dark Seeds now?” Today I’m so happy to announce that Crows Hill hit the #1 slot for Steampunk books in the Science Fiction genre! As for the Horror genre it also falls under, those numbers are getting better too! Thank you to all my fans, thank you to everyone who has been so eager to see what the Dark Seeds are all about. I hope you enjoy the story that is sure to feed you need. Whether it is me you consider or any author in the future, please remember your reviews and ratings are the lifeblood for the Indie Authors of the future. We are seen by the world because of the minute effort you put forth to give rate the stories you read. Thank you and please keep in touch! Follow my work and events! And should you write or leave me a note, I will always do my best to keep in touch.

LM Fields Author & Artist


Author: LM Fields

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