iStock_000020726639SmallThere are stars enough to fill the heavens but each review is like catching and saving a falling star. I imagine keeping them in a jar, these gifts that inspire me to write more, every word I weave into the next, anticipating more stars might come my way.

This morning after I woke and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I shuffled into my studio where my computer dutifully turned itself on and was waiting patiently for me to read my emails; I didn’t, something compelled me to visit the first book posting in my Dark Seeds series instead. There, sitting like a gift waiting for me to unwrap on Amazon, was a comment left by someone who had just read my book, Crows Hill, just two days prior. She sent me five out of five stars plus a review, the first review she had ever left for anyone on Amazon. I was honored, still am, and I always will be. From the very first review to this latest, I remember each and treasure them all, these gifts from readers like you. So, this is what being a writer feels like– may this feeling never end. As long as there are stars to be given, and readers to care enough to give these gifts of gratitude, writers like me will be compelled to create stories for you to enjoy.

“This book, is just amazing; I started reading it and finished it in one night. It is a novella mind you, but the author leaves you wanting for more. I will definitely be moving on to the next book in the series as soon as I can. This book has everything you could possibly ask for and then more. Mystery, intrigue, I was literally wondering from page to page what was going to happen to Adina the main character next. If your looking for post apocalyptic, then look no further, this book is a total find. I can’t thin my friend enough for turning me onto this book. The Characters are so well thought out, and you just get attached so quickly. Edge of your seat nail biter? Oh yeah, definitely!” Catherine Dawson


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

One thought on “A GIFT OF STARS”

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