Have you ever wondered… where do writers get their ideas from? Where do they go to whip up settings, build their characters, and weave story plots? Are there magical places, secret mathematical formulas, or is it as easy as swallowing a pill? I can’t speak for other writers but I can tell you, for the Dark Seeds series, the entire story came to me as a dream. Not all the characters with their individual, unique backstories, but the story you read from the very first book, Crows Hill, to the very last book, The Last Sparrow, played like a movie from start to finish in my mind while I slept, more than fifteen years ago. The dream returned several times before I sat down and wrote it, so I experienced the Dark Seeds before it ever found its way to paper. If  you’d like to get the inside scoop, and see a glimpse to the other side of this story, then please visit Mysti Parker’s web site and read my piece titled Dreams.

LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

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3 thoughts on “DREAMS TO READ”

  1. From science discovery to song composition, there’s a whole body of anecdotal evidence to suggest that some of our most creative thoughts take place whilst we are asleep.
    One of the most famous examples of this is Mary Shelley’s ‘waking dream’ of Frankenstein… not to mention, Paul McCartney’s dreaming-up of Yesterday.

  2. I agree 100%, Paul. I have learned amazing things through my dreams. To answer you question, I purchased the photograph from the online company: Shutterstock. I’ve used this picture for my Facebook headers for all my books because it reminds me of a scene straight from Crows Hill. I love doing my own photography but I’m not so sure I’d want to go looking for a time and place when this might be available to shoot. This was the perfect pic for me. Thanks for your comments Paul!

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