I give the Evil Dead an A+ rating if you like:

Icky blood-n-guts, splatter, gush, mush, mish-mash, body parts-n-such. Was it scary? Not really, in fact, I’d have to say, “No.” But it had disgusting filth with vomitous fx. That’s right, it was all about the many ways to mutilate the flesh and make you squirm; the dark side was the reason why this was being done. From start to finish, this was a hackey-slash movie sporting a secondary paranormal, demonic edge.

Of course, this is just my opinion but I hope this helps you decide if you’ll want to see it. If you like any of those things listed above, especially special effects, then see this in the theatre but warning, you may not want to eat or drink anything before, during, or after. And for the people with kids who refuse to call themselves parents; THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!

Personally, I could have done without this movie but thank you for those few Army of Darkness moments; close-ups in the shed, the flying woman, and the ever famous chainsaw. The Army of Darkness shall live on forever.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

2 thoughts on “”

  1. The one beef I had with this movie was that each scary moment was too predictable. Each time there was a change in camera angle I just knew they were coming up with a scare scene. It was a nice movie, but not a great one.

  2. Nice review LM. I don’t mind when a flick like this uses blood and gore to it’s advantage, but at least give me something more than just that, and that alone.

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