I used to wish I could go to a university, now, you couldn’t pay me to go. Maybe that’s why the younger generation who haven’t experienced life yet, whose minds are still soft and ripe for molding, are always prime targets? Why do you think they call the university reps headhunters? I have seen too much. I can think for myself and don’t need someone to tell me which way the wind blows.

If I go into a university as a conservative Christian, I won’t come out a liberal atheist, but the chances for a younger person going into and surviving these programming mills are extremely low. I think it’s incredibly sad. And what of all the teachers who so desperately want to teach, who are against what’s taking place, not just in our universities, but in our entire educational system? There are many of us who don’t approve and see how the educational system has been taken hostage, but what can they do?

We might as well burn the truth like Hitler burned books at one time. Teachers aren’t free to teach the truth, they must teach an agenda or risk losing their job. Children aren’t free to express themselves or risk getting expelled, even ridiculed. War was declared upon our youth long ago and continues on today, damaging our future with a programmed agenda set in place by a few that have imprisoned the minds of the many.

Universities and institutions of learning, should never be about an agenda, nor should they ever be political. Any school, from Kindergarten up to the highest levels, should be about one thing, to teach the truth and to exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinion. That also means you should allow for all kinds of spiritual beliefs. People should never be turned away for how they look or how much money they have or don’t have. Teachers and students alike should not have to worry or wonder if they can attend or work at school based on who they voted for.

A university should not accept all or the majority of their funding from only certain sources that pertain to one agenda. Bias should be cut from the picture so a true and pure education can be met so every teacher can be free to teach and every student can be free to be a unique individual, to make up his or her mind… and if that meant he or she truly wanted to be an atheist liberal then at least they walked out of the university, degree in hand, without being programmed to think one way or the other.

Free thinking is something I can respect. Freedom to choose, freedom to think for ourselves, freedom to discuss the issues and use logic and reason to do so. I hope to see this in every school and educational institution someday, until then, we have the public forum until that freedom is taken from us too.


Author: LM Fields

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