I believe in serving up new blends of genre writing knitted from reality; no matter if I’m writing SciFi-Horror or Epic Fantasy seasoned with Steampunk, I feel doing my research for any genre mix is essential if I want to give the reader an experience he or she can believe in and never forget.

My imagination gets each spark from the world around us. The what ifs can come from anything! I don’t need to be told; today’s science fact was yesterday’s science fiction. Dream, yes, but do so with a touch of reality. Think of the plausibilities! I have seen the endless wonders this mentality triggers. It’s truly a magical journey I could never reverse, reconsider, or question. I wouldn’t want to. It begins with a question, then another, but the key is starting with the right one. So I study, do my homework, interview people, read books, watch videos, and experience as much for myself as possible before the writing begins.

Like bread crumbs, I follow the trail, search under moss covered rocks, climb mountains, and dive under the ocean. I even travel back in time and learn what really happened way back when. Suddenly, my world changed, my writing changed too, and that’s when I knew, my readers would be transported into a new reality because I took the time to pour a little truth into what I dared to dream. It’s just my opinion but I believe if I keep my story grounded with one foot left in reality, then when it’s done, it will be full of life.

A little over a year ago I started writing the Dark Seeds, a post apocalyptic SciFi-Horror series seasoned with Steampunk for flavor. Set in our future Newmerica, I wanted my readers to feel the horrific plausibility of this story. I wanted everyone to experience how the events of today could turn into a world where our generations are born without the gift we have now; Freedom. For every book in the series I’ve done my research; from studying the horrors done within the asylums back in the 1800’s to the early 19oo’s, to the secrets brotherhoods found within the political arena. I weave real places, histories, and even historic bloodlines in time into this story for an unforgettable experience unlike anything I have ever written.

A word of caution! I must admit, with this sort of writing I’ve done and am doing, this genre can get scary; investigating the dark side of Voodoo, looking into secret groups that want to remain secret, and delving into shadowy corners when I would rather stay in the comforting light. I went there and did my research regardless because I love what I do, and like anything else in life, it’s not worth doing unless it’s done right. From Crows Hill, the first book in the series, to the fifth book when it’s done, I hope my passion comes through for this series and all the other books I’ll ever author because I love to mix anything I learn into all I write no matter what genre it may be.

LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

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