There are so many ways a writer can end a story, but for me, for my latest published Dark Seeds book, 13 Degrees Below Zero, there is only one true way to put a period at the end of the last sentence; with a painful hangnail and unanswered questions. Yes, I believe in wonderful cliff hangers. It’s the stuff Alfred Hitchcock dreams are made of! I am not about torturing my fans after the words The End have been typed, unless of course it’s a series that really never ends, but I do believe in closure and settling issues when the timing is just right. So, please, sit and feast upon the Dark Seeds, let them grow on you, because by the time the fifth and last book is published, the series will be saying Goodbye to make room for a whole new set of characters from a different time and place. For this writer, it’s never really goodbye but rather… until we meet again. This ride will never end.

LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

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