Sick Creature


I know this is a rather disgusting creature, but I created it started with only a glob of digital clay in a new 3D modeling program by Pixologic called Sculptris. I pushed, pulled, drew, pinched, and carved this horrid thing before digitally painting so it would take a starring role in my next book, Edge of Abaddon, as one of my creepy demons, crawling its way out of the depths of hell. Wonder what its name will be? Please feel free to comment with your suggested names!

Before writing full time, I used to run my own Graphic Design studio. I never lost my passion for the arts and so I’m throwing my Mixed Media Cover Artist hat into the ring too. I have always had a love for Motion Graphics and digital artistry is the logical end to match my mixed genre writing! The computer is just another tool in my art bag. I love mixing all kinds of things together in complimentary ways to create something new.

You can imagine my thrill when I discovered, after all these years, I still had it in me to produce and pick up what I feared I might have lost. I guess it’s like riding a bike. How wonderful! I feel more confident than ever. Now what? I’m going to be molding then painting a dragon for the next cover I’m creating for the anthology project I’m working on with many other talented writers. Projected publication release date, Christmas 2013. That’s over and above putting out the last two books in the Dark Seeds series. This hopes to be an exciting year!

Before I forget to mention it, this is the creatures underbelly. It has a hard, beetle like shell top side. It rears up when it decides it has found dinner, true love, or should I say… both? So if you see this, it’s too late. The only way to kill these things is when you see its shell and that’s when it’s hardest to destroy. Did you bring a hand grenade? Yeah, that might work if you can get it to rear up and eat it, otherwise it won’t stick around to get blown up. Demons, they’re such a pain. I hope you’ll stick with me… creepy or  not, there’s so much more to the Dark Seeds. There’s still time to catch up! If you’ve been waiting for hell to freeze over, well, you have waited too long but you can still feed your need and be entertained or just be prepared. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose. Read the Dark Seeds today!


Author: LM Fields

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