Our Girl


I love our dog, Angel. She is a long-haired Weimerainer and the sweetest girl with a fierce love for me and my husband… the house… and the entire neighborhood we live in. I think everyone knows it, her bark is that loud, but that’s not the only quirk she has that makes up her personality; she has this funny habit where she’ll refuse to eat unless I’m eating. Since I’m eating less, she’s now eating less. Likewise, as much as she would love to be out playing and exercising, she hates to do it alone just like me. Getting the picture here?

I have seizures, so I’m not too comfortable with the idea of taking either one of us for a walk until I’ve gone at least a year without a seizure first, but since I’ve started using my treadmill, Angel gets out her many “ducks” and starts throwing them around, chasing them, and having fun time while I exercise for 20 minutes. It’s great! I cuss out Jillian Michaels as she increases the incline but tells me I can do it, and Angel makes her ducks quack for mercy.

It’s been 3 weeks now and not only have I noticed a skinnier, prettier Angel running around our home, but my scale finally moved beyond a few pounds! In total, I have lost 9 pounds since I last saw my doctor 6 weeks ago. That’s got to account for something. I think we’re both happy! Now, please excuse me, I have an appointment with Jillian. I am a writer after all, I could use some more practice on my colorful metaphors. Keep walking towards your goals!

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Author: LM Fields

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