So everyone has worn them, those funky looking glasses you have to wear so you don’t get your eyes in a twist for the latest 3D movies. They look nothing like what I remember when I was a kid; paper frames with plastic lenses, one side red, the other side blue. Now, at least you look quasi cool while you reach out to touch or block stuff that isn’t there. But what will we be wearing when we reach the 4rth dimension?

You scratching you head yet? Earlier this year my doctor put me on a new seizure control medicine, and like all meds, it came with a book of side of effects. These days, if death isn’t one of the effects then it has my attention. Anyway, it said nothing about my eyesight so you can imagine my surprise when I started seeing things in HD. Honestly, that’s the best way to describe it. It took me by surprise at first but now that I’m used to it, I sort of like it. What can I say? I’m an artist and a writer… what’s not to like about seeing everything intensified? But nothing prepared me for what started happening a few days ago.

I thought it was just clever advertising. I’m a graphic designer so I understand how attention to letter arrangement, coloring, and form can be smart marketing if done right, but the unusual effects were glaring at me from more than one book and from books that had nothing in common. Something was up. The book titles seemed to be coming off my computer screen! I have a beautiful, well loved Mac, but my sweet apple can’t do 3D. I decided my eyes were tired and I stepped away for awhile.

The next day came and I didn’t give my computer ordeal a second thought. Later that day my husband and I went to the local book store. (Yea, I do love books.) I was reading various titles, been doing so for maybe an hour when one book started to shift. The letters shimmered at first then seemed to pull away from the surface of the book. Only certain words on the spine started floating, coming out towards me then stopped a few inches out… it was as if I were wearing 3D glasses. I couldn’t stop starring. It didn’t matter what position I stood from, they moved with me, popping out as if to say, “Pick me!” So I did! I pulled the book out and inspected the spine and ran my fingers across its surface and found it was smooth as could be.

The book was ordinary as could be except for the color blue used those few words that popped out. Nothing more. No photoshop FX, no embossing, nothing. I know all the tricks and none were used. I put the book back and the spine started to shift again until my husband showed up and then it went flat and looked like every other title on that shelf… uninteresting.

All this strangeness got me thinking. You don’t have to believe in other dimensions. They’ll exist whether you believe or not. On the assumption there’s a fourth, I wondered what it might look like. Since we are already grounded and see in the 3rd dimension, might we need special glasses to see into the 4rth? And if so, what would happen? I think these past two days answered that question. The 4rth dimension would warp or curve our perception of time and therefore the space that is around us. Things that aren’t supposed to move or have multiple layers suddenly would have duplicates of itself and we would see them all at the same time and in new, exciting ways.

No matter if this is a side effect of medicine or perhaps a glich in the world around us that I just so happened to tune into its frequency, or for those who will like to think the easy term “she’s crazy”, it really doesn’t matter, does it? I like to look at this as a “what if” learning experience instead. An exciting moment into the possibilities of what could be. Isn’t that why we love our movies, our books, and games so much? Leaving reality to play in the sand box like children, a time when we were free to be creative and dream  because we knew anything was possible. I never forgot about that little girl, she’s still in me and very much alive. She keeps me young and I love her wonder and curious heart.

“Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities of life and see just where your creative mind might take you!” LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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