If you’ve been waiting for hell to freeze over, you’ve waited too long. The Dark Seeds novellas are a SciFi-Horror series seasoned with Steampunk for flavor and the first novella in the series, Crows Hill, is only 99 cents for a limited time! Catch a Crow today while supplies last!

This post apocalyptic story is set in our future Newmerica, year 2031. The powerful Illuminati have only a few stages left before they fulfill their New World Order agenda and have their rewritten Book of Revelations realized into the darkness they desire for all. But when four unlikely characters from forgotten bloodlines emerge, they stir up a spirit of courage and a hunger for freedom once more.

Can they face their demons, come together, and wake a sleeping force in time enough to save the soul of humanity, or has the darkness already spread too far and wide that it has snuffed the light out forever?

Be prepared to be entertained when you read the Dark Seeds by LM Fields, or just be prepared. Either way, it will feed your need!


Author: LM Fields

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