I’m not going to claim to be able to tell the future, if I could I certainly wouldn’t be here typing this blog, I’d be buying a lottery ticket. What would you do if every cell in your body kept telling you that in the not so distant future Indie Authors would see their self-published novels on the shelves of their local book stores? Would you laugh it off and go about your day? I’m here to tell you that I believe this is the wave to come. If Barnes and Noble, the only big, go-to-book-store left standing wants to survive, that’s exactly what they must do. People will always love to hold a book between their hands, and owning two copies of the same book, one digital and one print, is not unheard of for there are pros and cons for each that can never be ignored.

The future is self-publishing. Agents, editors, and writers everywhere know it. It is the money maker of the future though it came yesterday. Someday, all the snobbery and clipping of Indie-Author wings will stop; most likely, the day big companies see how much money they are losing by ignoring the talented gems to be found out there of those who are flying solo. This message is for the courageous hearts, and their supportive readers who love their stories. You writers who have a story yearning to be told; do what you love, love what you do, but most of all, do it well. Be polished and show that you can produce excellence! Weave words of worth that are worthy to be read by everyone. Don’t let anyone ever clip your wings! You can make your dreams come true as long as you remain true to yourself. So set yourself to soar and always remain free, the rest will come in time. To our readers, you have the power to demand our books show up on those shelves, so let your voice be heard by ordering our books in your stores in person and ask for Indie Author signings! We’d love to show up for you!

The only things left to wonder is not if this will happen but when will Indie Authors finally be represented on equal ground with the other, traditionally published authors? The day that happens will be an exciting one indeed! And I should add that I believe it will be given guidelines as it should because there is plenty of bad writing out there, self and traditionally published! I say it’s time to let the people decide what is good. That’s what freedom is all about, so let it get back to work!


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark


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