We’ve been audited twice in our lifetime, once while Clinton was President, and the paperwork just came in a second time today. No, we didn’t vote for Obama either.

Yes, my husband and I are conservative. Yes, we participated in the peaceful Tea Party gathering in Washington D.C. in 2010. Before that year, we were proud republicans but we still voted for any person running, despite party lines, if we felt he or she was most deserving the position. Things have since changed. We don’t cling to any parties at all. It’s clear the political arena has widespread hypocrisy and deception throughout. What used to be for the people and by the people is not anymore. Is there anyone we can truly trust? If so, who and what test can we use so we know? How many lies and double talk must we weed through?

More and more facts reveal just where our tax dollars are going. Conservatives, and other people waking up like us, are being targeted. My husband is an active duty soldier. We don’t have the time, or the money, to hire a professional lawyer to fight the system; we feel helpless and are going to pay $4000 the IRS is stating we owe from 2010. Funny how the IRS is always giving us a refund of about $2000 every year, our income never fluctuates much, still, here we are, owing them $4000!

Buckle up America! There are states and cities going bankrupt. Political fat cats have welfare checks they have to pay to ensure they get their votes and keep their job and royal lifestyle. So wipe your brow, work hard, earn your money while you can, because God only knows how long you’ll be able to keep it. They won’t take it right away because if they wait then they can charge you $556 in fees for filing your taxes incorrectly. They can charge you interest too. The longer they wait, the more money they get from you and the harder it’ll be for you to fight them because the harder it’ll be to find the paperwork to prove them wrong. Not to mention our declining economy. Sooner or later, you may not be able to afford to fight them anyway. You might have to open up a separate savings account for the IRS so when they do coming knocking, you’ll be ready to hand your money over, because we all have to remember, the IRS has its own problems and as far as it’s concerned, their problems are yours. Sooner or later, until the IRS gets audited, the time will come for you to pay up again… and again.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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