A question in the Fiction Writer’s Guild was asked: Some Indie Authors are giving away a novel for free as a way to promote their new work. Is this something you would do? This was my answer.

“It’s not only what I did do, it’s what I continue to do with the first book in my Dark Seeds series. I believe in letting the consumer get a free taste of my work, and as the catch phrase for my first novella says it all, I believe it really does Feed Your Need. For those who don’t have a taste for my SciFi-Horrors seasoned with a bit of Steampunk for flavor, they can always move on without regret. I think most people appreciate this. It’s sad that in this day, where so many people are looking for handouts, something for nothing, and hoarding everything right down to FREE digital books, it does make things harder for the Indie Author to get noticed, but I will continue to offer up my first book, Crows Hill, for FREE as often as Amazon allows me to. Hugh Howey did it with Wool and I like to learn from successful people who believe in integrity. This form of marketing puts the decision and freedom back into the pocket of the consumer. Giving is its own reward.” Written by LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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