We the people, who voted for, and continue to pay for (employ) politicians, men and women (not gods) who are supposed to protect our lives, liberties, and pursuits for happiness, are instead paying them to go on vacations. They create expensive programs, twist our laws, and perverse our way of life until we work for what we never asked for and can’t possibly afford; programs these people we hired would never take or pay for themselves. All this and for what end? Power and total control.

When tax paying, military soldiers, hear they might not get their government checks if the government shuts down, but they still have to report to the front line, worrying about their families back home and how they might not be able to put food on the table or pay bills, knowing their political representatives will continue seeing the people’s tax dollars in their bank account even if they go on vacation during the shut down– it makes you get a little upset, doesn’t it?

Shutting down the government shouldn’t be a vacation, it shouldn’t be used as a propaganda device, threatening the people, leaving a deep gash in their memory for future voting venues. Sounds insane? Think again and look what’s going on. For those who depend on Welfare, Social Security checks, Disability checks, Veterans checks, Military and Government checks, that’s exactly what’s going on. People’s lives are being played with as they always have been. The powers up the pyramid don’t give a damn about the turmoil, anguish, or stress they may put any of us, or you, through. In fact, they count on it. Even if each and every check is deposited to every person as planned, the threats they made were enough of a stressor to make people panic; worry a little, be concerned and give pause, make them shake just enough to stop and question: What will I do if my account is empty come the first? How will I feed my children? Can I pay for my medicine? Will my husband survive without his meds? Will I have the money I need to buy the gas so I can get to work? If I don’t get on that bus I’ll miss my job interview and then where will I be… homeless. I need my check.

The government machine has been patient and never ending at pounding down those who wish to live as independent as possible. The simple truth, and reiteration of fact, is the government needs you. It could not survive without you. You are literally it’s bread and butter. An engine cannot run without oil and we, the people, are the oil that keeps the machine going, but the government has worked hard to distract you, make you think you need them to survive. That’s not true. Propaganda has been, and continues to be, used as part of this brainwashing, repetitive technique. The triggering effect is so damaging that you start to believe the lie with every logo, color, and word that is flashed and heard in ever commercial, movie, television, radio, magazine, text message, and even song you’ve heard. This era of communication and technology has rendered us speechless. It’s time to take our voices back.

The people who employ employees have the power to fire whoever they see fit. We the people have a set standard written in a document called The Declaration of Independence that we can base that firing and hiring of employees on. We’ve given so much, too much, of our power over to the politicians. We’ve forgotten what our nation was originally built upon in the first place, Freedom. Until we remember where we came from and why, we’ll never get that Freedom back. Obey nobody and nothing. Are you a human being or a puppet slave? Question everything. Do you want to be a mindless, programable robot? Or do you treasure the ability to think for yourself? Seek truth. Are you fine with wearing blinders or are you willing to see the world for what it truly is, ugly or not? From this point on, we must come together and never give up on what has been ours all along. The first step begins with you.

“Freedom can never be taken, you can only choose to not fight for it.” Quote by LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

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