This year was Zombie Rockin’ Fun! Take a stroll if you dare, or run for your life if you can, through the Walking Dead themed Halloween Horror Nights for this year at Universal Studios. No more designated creeper areas made the entire park terror-liffic fun. Thank God, I had my sexy protector (husband) at my side, but there were too many times when we were out numbered!

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead then you just might forget they have haunted houses to go to! Why bother standing in line when there are Zombies around every corner, creeping and jumping out of the fog, and getting so close you feel their breath on the back of your neck! Girls, you may not want to wear your hair up in a high pony tail! Yes, all the cool things you’ve come to know and love from the show are right there to experience. You’ll feel you’re in the movie, right there on set, and you could be the next Zombie star!!! One bite and you’re infected!

NOTE: The Zombie Rum Shots are awesome! So yummy!

The entire park has graffiti painted everywhere but we didn’t pay attention to the warnings and I might be paying the price for it; I’m twitching, drooling and a little hungry every since we got home… but no worries, it’s not for brains, I just need to feed. I have a desire to return to the place where the dead moan for another bite and bang their head on chain link fences but we’ll have to wait til Halloween before we can go back. NO! I don’t know if I can make it. All I have are ten nails to chew on and when they are gone, then what to do? The waiting is killing me!


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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