1901 Beatrix Potter, one of the first self-published books.

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I am proud to be an Indie Author. I have seen self-published books ranging from the horrible to the outstanding, and while I have my own personal preferences for what I like to read, excellent literature like the works of Tolkein, King, or Howey, I think about and consider the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting the story created in the first place.

What did the author sacrifice to breathe life into his creation, put it on paper, and give it to the world? Would his story be any less note worthy if he were an Indie Author? Did he work harder if he self-published? I don’t know. Every situation is different depending on the circumstances. The sad truth these days is traditionally published authors sometimes find themselves doing the same amount of work as Indie Authors but have less rights, and see only a tiny fraction of the profits.

Why do you think so many traditionally published, famous authors, are becoming Indie Authors? Whether they choose to be Indie Authors full or part-time, when they do it, they don’t have anymore contracts to sign or worry over, they answer to nobody but themselves, they set their own rules, writing what they want when they want, they make 70% of the profits, not whatever small amount it was before… you get the idea… I could go on and on about the differences.

As you can see, there are many important keys, but when it comes to doing the work, there’s just as much to be done unless you already have a name for yourself, and/or have the money to hire a marketing team, and editor so you can focus on the writing as we all wish we could do. In truth, being an Indie Author means you must wear all the hats unless you are wealthy enough to buy them for others to wear for you.

Yes, I’m proud to be an Indie Author, and someday, the big wig NY leaches will figure out a way to creep into our growing industry we currently have control of. Until that day arrives, creative writers are able to breathe in the freedom and readers are still free to choose for themselves what is crap and what isn’t. Being an Indie Author is hard work, but the pay off is sweet and most importantly, it’s ours!

“Indie Authors rock because they don’t give up on their dreams, even when others tell them they should.” Quote by LM Fields


Author: LM Fields

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One thought on “INDIE AUTHORS ROCK!”

  1. Agree, indie authors are awesome, hard working folks. But Betrix Potter was one of the many successful, certainly not the first, just ask Ben Franklin. 🙂

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