What goes around, comes around. History does repeat itself. If we took even a moment to remember and learn from the past we might not be doomed to repeat it, but Karma has a way of giving back what we put out into the world, and dare I say… universe.

From the day you are born, you are programmed to believe you are not in control of your life, your destiny, and so you fight that inner instinct to be truly be free. You give little pieces of that spark inside you away. Bit-by-bit, you break off more and more until you feel there’s more of you to give. This form of mental enslavement, zombie vacation, is meant to put you asleep, keep you well behaved, so you won’t ask questions, or at least not any questions that make a difference. It’s time to wake up.

If my dreams and intuition are true, then Karma will be kicking up several notches starting this year, a pleasant surprise for those of us who are already awake for we will get to witness something rare: Karma at work… it’s normally so painfully slow! Imagine seeing the deserving, those who pay it forward, getting their good deeds returned to them three-fold. Those who have sacrificed everything for others finally seeing their bills paid off somehow. In turn, for all those people who have done so much wrong, they will have to face their demons. For some, it will be a blessing, changing their lives forever and for the better, but for the truly evil, they will run, they will hide, and they will devour their own before they are made to suffer.

If what I’ve seen, and if all I’ve been shown is true, then it has already begun. All you have to do is make a choice. In the end, only you have the final say over your soul. Either way, even if I am wrong, wouldn’t you rather do what it is right for the right reasons? Don’t you want to leave a beautiful mark wherever you go? We leave impressions everywhere, with everyone we meet, we should always want those impressions to be as positive as possible. What kind of future do you want? Mold your tomorrow in the actions you do today.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

2 thoughts on “THE YEAR OF KARMA 2014”

  1. I am a believer in KARMA! I, too, have a feeling that things are speeding to a critical point. There are signposts that the elite are split and having a civil war amongst themselves. It is time for them to face what they have wrought.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Tom. They will be among the first to devour their own and I feel they have already started. Karma delivers much more than we ever could or world if we were to do so ourselves, but I do hate how damn slow it is. That part drives me crazy. While we wait, we get to the see the continue injustice, pain, and suffering continue. It’s so hard to wait and do nothing, say nothing, to be patient. Of course, nothing is sometimes, all we can do. I love the idea that maybe this year, we might have something to look forward to. That gives me a renewed sense of hope. It’s that glimmer of light, that spark, I think we’ve all been needing. It’s time.

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