God bless you, Charlotte Dawson, you and your heart will be missed.

How many lives must be destroyed? How many beautiful people must die before the people responsible for what is known as Troll Attacks will be held responsible for their actions? For years now, they have had their way, let loose like wild animals to roam the internet like trolling mobsters, seeking their next innocent victim(s) for target practice. Once you’re in their game, if you don’t follow their rules, ones they never live by, then you are punished accordingly.

The first hit is always the surprise attack that knocks you on your ass. If you ask questions, recovering, standing up to brush yourself off, you are slammed down to the ground. If you didn’t get the shut up message from that, and try to defend yourself, you are attacked more. In fact, the more you struggle to speak up as is your first amendment right to do so, if you ask for help, they will get their entire trolling mob upon you to shatter your world. Shame on you for speaking up! Take a tip: you fuel their fire and they relish in the drama they started. They crave the attention and the spotlight as long as they can keep their mask on. You feed their need.

So where are the companies that could do something about this? Why aren’t they banning accounts and helping those victims when their pleas for help go out like flares in the middle of the night? You wouldn’t believe who some of these trolls are. They come in all shapes and sizes, working sometimes in the very same field as you, might even be your competition or pretend to be your friend. They are psychotic and have psychological problems but still, where are the companies that could help you? Good question! I’m still wondering myself and praying there’s a good answer as I still hear lots of crickets out there while the hateful words, threats, and unwarranted, lying reviewers continue. Read this recent tragedy of a beautiful modeling judge from Australia’s Top Model who suffered from depression and the consequence of what trolling did to her.

Charlotte Dawson was hammered by trolls on Twitter and their actions lead to her death. She suffered from depression but despite her disability, she tried to overcome it by living life to the fullest. Her world started to fall apart when she spoke out against troll attacks, people saying hateful things to others and in turn the attacks turned on her. What will the consequences be for her attackers? Do they even care or feel they are responsible? Do they have any empathy? Or are they that psychologically damaged?

Charlotte had a heart and was willing to share it with the world while she was with us but now she is no longer with us. Will her death be in vane? How many more will be made to suffer? How many careers will be ruined? How many will die before something is done? Every action and non-action has a consequence. It’s time people are held accountable or else we will end up living in a world filled with trolls and when all the innocent are gone, they’ll eventually have to eat their own.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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