“When bananas don’t work… eat a cookie.”

I find this world just keeps getting harder and harder to live in. It’s a constant struggle to stay positive with so much negativity oozing from every nook and cranny… whether it’s at the highest forms of power or down to the every day people you see at work or the store, they are everywhere and seem to be increasing in number. This is why I have adopted the Minions into my life to cheer me up, and why I created the quote above.

You might wonder what does it mean?

Bananas are good for you, they are healthy, full of potassium. That’s all positive, but sometimes, no matter how hard you might try to do something good for someone, it doesn’t matter and they will continue to be nasty towards you. There’s nothing more you can do with these kinds of toxic people, but there’s something you can and should do for yourself. And that is, eat a cookie!

That’s right! Reward yourself for even trying to do the right thing because God knows it’s getting harder and harder to do what’s right for the right reasons. You shouldn’t stop trying but you’ll need to get your energy back up. Cookies allow you to find your ‘happy’ again. Never stop trying, never stop giving, and never stop remembering we’ve all had our purple days. If each of us can turn just one person around with the kindness we show then think how much better our world will be! If giving one of your cookies might do the trick then go for it! Maybe it’ll work? If not, put as much distance between you and those who are toxic before moving on.

Love and hugs to you! Going to make some cookies. My supply has been devastated.


Author: LM Fields

Live, Learn, Leave a Beautiful Mark

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