When we move to adopt and respectively change from a democratic nation into a socialistic society, we sign over our freedom. We hand over the blood and sacrifice of the people, by the people, and for the people, to whomever is controlling the country at the time. If there is anything we should remember, it’s that an idea, or government, is only as good, or bad, as those running it.
Redistribution of Wealth may seem like a good idea to some but it does not come without a price to the “x” number of hardworking, innocent people and that is why it is fundamentally wrong. Our nation, under the Obama regime, has already experienced this. But did money get pulled from the purses of the super rich? No. And should it be? No. We should live in a fair society, not one that singles out one above another. That is not right. What did happen? Was money taken? Yes. It was taken out of the pockets of the middle and upper middle classes; the backbone of our nation. From people who sacrifice daily to feed their family, to keep a roof over their head, and the same people who help their neighbors in need.
Where did that money go? Was it given to the poor? No. Ironically, it was given to the upper 1%. It may have even been used to help pave the way to Obamacare, a program that continues to fail in helping anyone but successfully rapes everyone financially. From bailed out banks to taxpayer funded Presidential vacations that should shame anyone with a heart, how can any American voter who loves freedom think about casting a vote for Bernie Sanders? Has our educational system really stopped teaching to such a degree? Don’t our young people remember Hitler? What he stood for? Or how many he disillusioned and eventually killed? Or what about Stalin? All the people who suffered at the hands of Socialists under a Socialistic Regime did not have a choice! Why should we become like other nations when we, the United States of America, values Freedom? That message is being lost to our young and magical words fly out like ear candy. It’s happening all over again.
Bernie Sanders: A Socialist running for President as an Independent on the Democratic Party ticket. Confused yet? Wait, it gets better. He promises to have all student loans paid for by the top 1% wealthiest people. Sounds like purchased votes, wouldn’t you agree? Oh, wait… college students are way too smart to fall for that. Especially two times in a row. Right? Besides, they would do their homework, research every candidate running no matter what party ticket they’re running on, because they don’t vote party, they vote for the best person for the job. Right? These college students understand because they get information from all perspectives, not just one side, before they cast their vote. Right? That way they are sure to make the best and most reasonable assessment. I’m sure every student cares that much, values their own unique voice. It’s the only way to ensure freedom remains. They would never want to become just another media or political puppet. Right?
Sarcasm? No, I like to call it optimism. God knows, the young people are all we have left. They can wake up, get serious, learn and give us hope so we can have a future, or they can continue to bathe in their ignorance until the end of the world for that will be their lasting and only remaining legacy at the rate they’re going. Whoever said, “Ignorance is bliss.” certainly had a lot to learn. God bless us all!

Author: LM Fields

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