Wow, the GOP played jump on Trump tonight…

I find it so very interesting how the puppet masters twist and turn what should be an intellectual debate into a grand circus. What a disgusting showboating but to hear Cruz ask, “American people, is this the debate you wanted tonight?” He’s been part of the problem, in a double team with Rubio take down of Trump! How could I possibly listen to his accusations of lies when Cruz already apologized to the public for lying?

Rubio talks about his moral values, accusing Trump of name calling, but then Rubio attacks Trump with poorly thrown mud slinging. How can I believe someone who sets his morality aside for a day in order to get a vote? When and where will his line stop?

I have said it all along, “Get it straight from the Trump.” He doesn’t edit himself, doesn’t believe in changing who he is to make you happy, he just tells you how he sees it or how it is. Trump believes in flexibility when circumstances change because it’s just smart. You don’t have to like the man but at least you don’t have to wonder what’s under the mask because Trump never wears one.

I am continually surprised by Donald Trump. He shows strength but he’s also like a bulldog and will defend our home for that I’m sure. But bulldogs can be dangerous too so I’m going to continue to do my research on every candidate. One by one, I may not figure out who I’ll vote for but at least they’re helping me figure out who to cross off.

In the end, there is always that blank line where I can write a name in. Time will tell. God bless America.