Author: LM Fields


I have many passions, writing and digital artistry are two of them. It’s a joy to create worlds brimming with characters. I remember how Star Wars inspired me to put a new planet into our solar system. The Hobbit stirred my imagination to dream both day and night. My inner spirit is a simple package: “I refuse to put God into a box for that would insult us both.” And the essence of my soul is a ball of creative energy. Science, magick, miracles; they are different perspectives of the same thing, and for me, that is a creative post I will never abandon. I live to learn so that I may leave a beautiful mark. My goal, my hope, is to leave inspirational sparks for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Author: LM Fields”

  1. Ms. Fields, I am a surviver of child abuse and have been in recovery for 30+ years. I have been looking for a photo to use in my writings and the photo that hits deep for me is the one called Invisible Scares. If this is your photo, may I have permission to use it in my material? Thank you for your time. Dee Knowles

    1. Dear Dee, I am sorry about the abuse you had to endure but being a survivor makes you one of many candles for others and that’s a blessing. I am so proud of you. It warms my heart to think that you broke the chain. Thank you about asking permission about using the photo. I honestly can’t remember where I got it from? You did the right thing by asking. The majority of my pics come from my google searches so the photo you speak of could very well be from the same source, however, I am also a graphic designer and have a photo account. I am photographer in my spare time too. I did not take this photo so it is not mine, that I can tell you, but I can’t remember if I purchased the photo or not. I might own rights to it? I have had too many seizures since writing that particular blog to remember. I’m sorry. I agree, the photo hit a chord with me too. It still does rocks my own personal memories. I am sorry I couldn’t have been more help to you. Perhaps look up certain words that would match what describes the photo in a photo purchasing directory, and if you find it or something similar, then you can buy it for little money and own the rights. This is what I do when I am wanting to use photos for publications for money or self-promotion, etc… Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Take care. ❤ LM Fields

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