While reality TV babbles on, media minions and political powers work in tandem with Hollywood illusionists and scriptwriters to distract and manipulate you away from the truth. Manmade financial destruction on a worldwide scale is not a fantasy. Watch. Learn. Prepare. For this is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and time isn’t running out… time is already up.


Quote of the day

“Tears are the diamonds of your soul.” Quote by LM Fields



“When bananas don’t work… eat a cookie.”

I find this world just keeps getting harder and harder to live in. It’s a constant struggle to stay positive with so much negativity oozing from every nook and cranny… whether it’s at the highest forms of power or down to the every day people you see at work or the store, they are everywhere and seem to be increasing in number. This is why I have adopted the Minions into my life to cheer me up, and why I created the quote above.

You might wonder what does it mean?

Bananas are good for you, they are healthy, full of potassium. That’s all positive, but sometimes, no matter how hard you might try to do something good for someone, it doesn’t matter and they will continue to be nasty towards you. There’s nothing more you can do with these kinds of toxic people, but there’s something you can and should do for yourself. And that is, eat a cookie!

That’s right! Reward yourself for even trying to do the right thing because God knows it’s getting harder and harder to do what’s right for the right reasons. You shouldn’t stop trying but you’ll need to get your energy back up. Cookies allow you to find your ‘happy’ again. Never stop trying, never stop giving, and never stop remembering we’ve all had our purple days. If each of us can turn just one person around with the kindness we show then think how much better our world will be! If giving one of your cookies might do the trick then go for it! Maybe it’ll work? If not, put as much distance between you and those who are toxic before moving on.

Love and hugs to you! Going to make some cookies. My supply has been devastated.



God bless you, Charlotte Dawson, you and your heart will be missed.

How many lives must be destroyed? How many beautiful people must die before the people responsible for what is known as Troll Attacks will be held responsible for their actions? For years now, they have had their way, let loose like wild animals to roam the internet like trolling mobsters, seeking their next innocent victim(s) for target practice. Once you’re in their game, if you don’t follow their rules, ones they never live by, then you are punished accordingly.

The first hit is always the surprise attack that knocks you on your ass. If you ask questions, recovering, standing up to brush yourself off, you are slammed down to the ground. If you didn’t get the shut up message from that, and try to defend yourself, you are attacked more. In fact, the more you struggle to speak up as is your first amendment right to do so, if you ask for help, they will get their entire trolling mob upon you to shatter your world. Shame on you for speaking up! Take a tip: you fuel their fire and they relish in the drama they started. They crave the attention and the spotlight as long as they can keep their mask on. You feed their need.

So where are the companies that could do something about this? Why aren’t they banning accounts and helping those victims when their pleas for help go out like flares in the middle of the night? You wouldn’t believe who some of these trolls are. They come in all shapes and sizes, working sometimes in the very same field as you, might even be your competition or pretend to be your friend. They are psychotic and have psychological problems but still, where are the companies that could help you? Good question! I’m still wondering myself and praying there’s a good answer as I still hear lots of crickets out there while the hateful words, threats, and unwarranted, lying reviewers continue. Read this recent tragedy of a beautiful modeling judge from Australia’s Top Model who suffered from depression and the consequence of what trolling did to her.

Charlotte Dawson was hammered by trolls on Twitter and their actions lead to her death. She suffered from depression but despite her disability, she tried to overcome it by living life to the fullest. Her world started to fall apart when she spoke out against troll attacks, people saying hateful things to others and in turn the attacks turned on her. What will the consequences be for her attackers? Do they even care or feel they are responsible? Do they have any empathy? Or are they that psychologically damaged?

Charlotte had a heart and was willing to share it with the world while she was with us but now she is no longer with us. Will her death be in vane? How many more will be made to suffer? How many careers will be ruined? How many will die before something is done? Every action and non-action has a consequence. It’s time people are held accountable or else we will end up living in a world filled with trolls and when all the innocent are gone, they’ll eventually have to eat their own.



“Have you been abused? Did you break the chain? There is hope.” LM Fields

How I wish there wasn’t abuse in the world. I wish none of them were children, but that’s how it works; the abused grow up to continue the abuse they experienced when they were little. The chain is rarely broken, why? Maybe because it can’t be? Wrong. It can be, but it means looking inside, and having the courage to face your darkest fears. You can heal some of the pain. It may take you a lifetime but there’s hope so it’s never too late to start.

Abuse comes in many forms. It doesn’t discriminate. The most damaging kind of abuse is never seen, it eats away at the very soul of the victim, leaving invisible scars that burn deep. I’m not sure if these ever go away. Do they fade over time? Maybe, speaking from experience, it’s been twenty plus years and I’m still trying to find that answer. Is it possible to live a happy, productive life? Yes, but be ready to face your worst nightmares over and over again. It means letting go, and breaking the cycle of abuse. This will be your greatest gift to your children, and the lives of those you touch, breaking the chain.

I made a promise I would never repeat the abuse and pain I experienced when I had my own children and to that promise I kept true, but I never realized there was one more person I didn’t include; I continued to hurt her. I continued where my attackers left off. I was psychologically abusing myself, something those I had left behind had done all my life, over and above the physical abuse. They programmed me so well. I believed the painful words they ingrained in me. They treated me like garbage so I believed I was not worthy of being treating any better. I was pushed around, made to feel subservient, without a brain to think with, especially when I spouted off with something intelligent to say, and I always paid the price for it later.

I thought I freed myself when I left, in a way I did, but I failed to realize was they still had control. I was a prisoner of my own mind. They had me under brain arrest and I never demanded the keys to my soul back. It took me more than twenty years before I ever went to that place, and found the courage to take a stand. It was a mental stand, one I made on my own, and when I did, I felt as though I died– and for three days I wanted to– but I wiped my tears and felt a new inner strength. I was starting all over again. I was really free!

I don’t know what you have experienced, God willing, you’ve never been abused, but if you have, you can’t find your solution in a bottle, at the end of a cigarette, or in any combination of drugs. Hooking up with another abuser will not make you feel worthy or feel any better, it will only cut open old wounds as they pour more salt into you. Do you have children? You are endangering them. Whether you realize it or not, you are subjecting them to, if nothing else, all kinds of stress at a bare minimum. If you love your children then you will seek help for yourself, and for them.

The invisible scars damage the soul. As you abuse yourself, you will in turn abuse everyone around you. You will continually make excuses for everything that goes wrong in your life as you make wrong choices. You will never take responsibility for your actions because that means having to look into that mirror where the demons live and that means seeing the truth. The truth will never go away, and the longer you try to ignore it, the worse you will make every moment for yourself and those around you. If you only hurt yourself, you automatically hurt your children, teaching them by example they should have no respect for themselves or you. If you bully your children, you teach them how to be when they grow up, or worse yet, they are practicing this behavior now on other children weaker than themselves at school.

All you do has a ripple effect. Your past can haunt or teach you. You can learn from it and move on, or you can pretend it never happened and live in a fantasy that hurts every life you come in contact with. You can be toxic, or healing. Everything starts and ends with you making a decision. Why not try something new? Become the beautiful angel you were born to be, take back the life you were meant to have. Face the darkness and cry. It’s all right… that’s called hope.


Always and forever, tell those you are with just how much they mean to you. Show them how much you love them… every single day.



What goes around, comes around. History does repeat itself. If we took even a moment to remember and learn from the past we might not be doomed to repeat it, but Karma has a way of giving back what we put out into the world, and dare I say… universe.

From the day you are born, you are programmed to believe you are not in control of your life, your destiny, and so you fight that inner instinct to be truly be free. You give little pieces of that spark inside you away. Bit-by-bit, you break off more and more until you feel there’s more of you to give. This form of mental enslavement, zombie vacation, is meant to put you asleep, keep you well behaved, so you won’t ask questions, or at least not any questions that make a difference. It’s time to wake up.

If my dreams and intuition are true, then Karma will be kicking up several notches starting this year, a pleasant surprise for those of us who are already awake for we will get to witness something rare: Karma at work… it’s normally so painfully slow! Imagine seeing the deserving, those who pay it forward, getting their good deeds returned to them three-fold. Those who have sacrificed everything for others finally seeing their bills paid off somehow. In turn, for all those people who have done so much wrong, they will have to face their demons. For some, it will be a blessing, changing their lives forever and for the better, but for the truly evil, they will run, they will hide, and they will devour their own before they are made to suffer.

If what I’ve seen, and if all I’ve been shown is true, then it has already begun. All you have to do is make a choice. In the end, only you have the final say over your soul. Either way, even if I am wrong, wouldn’t you rather do what it is right for the right reasons? Don’t you want to leave a beautiful mark wherever you go? We leave impressions everywhere, with everyone we meet, we should always want those impressions to be as positive as possible. What kind of future do you want? Mold your tomorrow in the actions you do today.